Swedish meatballs $2

Homemade spinach, bacon, artichoke dip $4

with veggie platter and bruschetta bread

Cheese and crackers tray $2

Meat and cheese $3

Caprese skewers $2

Main Dishes

Taco Bar

Hard Shell and Soft Shells with Seasoned Beef and Chicken with black beans, Spanish rice, chips and salsa plus all the fixings:
$11.95/person (Price based on 50 people)

Pasta Bar

RotiniNoodles with Meat, Chicken and homemade Marinara and Alfredo sauce, a starter mixed salad and garlic bread
$14.75/person (Price based on 50 people)

Pulled Pork

Corn dusted rolls with pulled pork, Coleslaw and baked beans with a starter salad with all the fixings
$14.75/person (Price based on 50 people)

Chicken Divans

Chicken breasts in a savory, broccoli, cheddar and creamy mushroom sauce. Topped with seasoned bread crumbs.Starter salad, Chicken divans, garlic mashers, and vegetable medley
$15.95/person (Price based on 50 people)

Steak and Chicken Buffet

Starter salad, 6oz pub steaks, Chicken Divans, garlic mashers, a vegetable medley and dinner rolls
$17.95/person (Price based on 50 people)

Prime Rib

Starter Salad, Prime rib cooked to your choice, Garlic Mashers, Vegetable Medley and dinner rolls
$25.95/person (Price based on 50 people)

Non-alcoholic drinks are $2/person


Assorted Cookies are $2/person

Assorted Cheesecakes are $2.50/person

We have many more options available but these are just some of the most popular choices. If you have something in mind that you don't see here please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to get a quote for you! All buffets will be subject to 6% sales tax and 20% gratuity
**Our upstairs room can accommodate a variety of groups for an hourly rate. Please contact a manager for price details**